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During an average day, the temperature fluctuates between 20c and 45c  therefore, it is very advised to wear something light, that allows the skin to breathe.


It can be also useful to have a hat or cloth that can protect your head from the sun and sand-flies during the outdoor workshops.


These sand-flies and their bites strongly affect the stay in the land, especially during sunset and sunrise. They create itchiness and skin irritation yet no diseases are trasmitted.


It is therefore really advised to bring your own natural mosquito repellant.

(citronella essential oil works well) 

Yet, it is still advised to wear long-sleeve clothing at all times to protect your skin.

In case of rain the ground becomes slippery and muddy. Hiking shoes or, even better, farming boots, are reccomended.


The night can cool down a lot. A jumper and long pants can bring extra comfort.

It is good to bring a wash cloth (or a body sponge); it will help to scrub the dirt and clay during your shower more efficiently than just water, moderating water consumption.


All cosmetics need to be natural and organic, since all will directly go back in the land.

Solar lamps will be located in the various buildings, yet it is still adviced to bring a headlight.

Big scale electricity will no be avaiable in the land. It is therefore suggested to bring your own powerbank in case you would like to make usage of your electronic devices.

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