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This clay plate has been made with the clay of our village, of Mankrong by our talented artisans.


The clay is first harvested and cleaned by hand,

once achieved its molding stage, it t is then taken to the hand-processing station where our artisan will further craft it into this fine plate.


This type of plate is called Asaanka and it is locally used for two purpose, eating food and grinding food.

The grinding handtool is bought from the local market and included in this package as our community gift for you.




When you hot meal in a clay plate, it is very much of a unique experince due to the distict flavours that this earthy utensil will allow you to taste. Also clay plates are surely eco-frendly and if broken, they can easly go back directly to the natural enviroment.

Also, the absence of chemicals during its creation, will make this plate/grinder one of the healthier and natural options for you.




Store it dry, in a dry place.


  • Our products are not refundable. 

    But the unlikely event where our item will be arrived at your destination damaged and unusable, please let us know and we will do our best to provide a replacement as long as the shipping expenses will be covered from your side.

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