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This masterclass will guide you through the whole process of Coconut Oil making, from scratch, by hand with only a few basic tools.

Easly doable from the coziness of your home.

A strong, nutritions and tasty oil straight from the wealth of our earth.


You will be learning two ways of extracting coconut oil.


  • Virgin Coconut Oil (HEATED)

   Extracted from the fresh coconut


  • Cold Pressed

  Extracted from the fermented coconut. This creates a special and particular taste and nutritional level due to          

  the fermentation process itself


  • The supporter will have freedom of access to watch this video as many time as wished,
    yet no content should be shared, reposted on any social media platforms or tv channels or for any public purposes without the clear permission of its owner.

    The purchase of this workshop doesn’t entitle the buyer to exploit any of the content belonging to the original creator of the video. No copyright should be violated.

    This workshop can surely be bought as a gift for another person, but it should not be abused by sharing it on public platforms.

    This link will be actively available to the buyer all the way until the 31st December 2023 (make sure to save this link in your personal device)
    In case of any issue in accessing the video during this timeframe, please send us an email at 

    providing the confirmation-email of your first purchase and we will be more than happy to assist

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