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This natural oil is extracted from the pure palm nut of the palm tree.

The palms are from our village of Mankrong and grown locally by our experienced farmers.

Actually, most of the time they are not even humanly planted, rather spread naturally via natural selection within the harmony of our ecosystem.

Therefore these trees are not mono-culturally invasive, but more its opposite.

Leach tree produces thousands of nuts every year that contain a precious oil that has been used by our ancestors for centuries.


After the nuts are harvested they are boiled, pounded with a hand mortar and then mixed with warm water and sieved.

After hours of resting, the oil is scooped out and brought to boil for final cleansing.


The oil is then finally sieved and packed with love and care and shipped all the way to you.   






Red Oil promotes brain health, hearth strength

and can help with absorption of vitamin A which is essential for our sight and reproductive health.


It is loaded with anti oxidant and can have anti inflammatory effects, indeed if used dermatologically can heal wounds and skin bruises when used dermatologically. 







You can use it as a cooking oil, as a replacement of any other vegetable oil, it will enrich your mail with its nutrients and taste.





Keep in a dry, and sealed jar to preserve its shelf life. 

It can last up to 1 years if kept in well conditions.

Handle it with clean hands or clean utensils.



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